Wellness for better health

Sweden is the world’s most sedentary country. Only 2 out of 10 children meet the criteria for physical activity and adequate diet. As well as this, the most common reasons for sick leave at the Swedish Social Insurance Agency are stress related. These are numbers that we want to impact.

The creators of Wellify, Johanna, Matilda and Conny are all driven by previous experiences of fatigue syndrome, back problems and problems finding the energy to make it through the day. They have all found solutions to their health problems through Wellify.

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Creates a better work environment

By moving your body and doing something active every day, you impact your health positively. At Wellify we are passionate about helping find solutions for mental illness, sedentary activity, and fatigue at work. Our vision is to create wellness at workplaces, in schools and everyday people.

Prevents stress and improves ergonomics

We believe that you can also feel better by using Wellify. We are convinced that the workplaces and schools that use Wellify become more pleasant places to be at by boosting wellness in their employees and students by decreasing the stress levels in their bodies and minds.

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