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Team with a heart

The team behind Wellify are passionate about people’s wellness. Our mission is not only to help build healthier workplaces, but also to positively influence health on a mental and physical level.

Our team is built on different experiences and knowledge, making Wellify a unique product. Wellify is created from our own experiences in physical and mental health issues. By combining this with the knowledge on how stress affects our overall health, together with the latest studies on the detrimental effects of long-term sedentary movement, we aim to bring you a product that enhances and improves your overall wellbeing.

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Conny Thom 

Founder| Director of Development and product


Johanna Nolsa

Founder| CEO| head of marketing and  economic


Matilda Bjerndell

Founder | Buisness developer and strategist


Ellinor Olsson 

Partner | Physiotherapist | Head of Quality 


Amilia Gustavsson

Partner |Instructor | Quality manager


Patricia Appelgren 

Partner | Instructor | Quality manger for breathing exercise