Online workout for the office

Start your employees with easy and effective wellness activities that improve the workplace environment. Everyone can join in. There is a low threshold to get started, with a wide variation in the exercises catered towards different needs and wishes. 

With Wellify at work, your employees will find it easier to focus and keep their energy throughout the day. Small amounts of regular movement throughout the day have been proven to have a positive effect on our health. It leads to better decision making and problem-solving skills.

Ergonomic workplace

The app contains reminders, 1-minute videos with instructions, ready made workout programs and longer sessions for different purposes. There is even the option to create your own program with your favourite workouts.

  • You get a break in your job and your brain gets a break so that you improve your focus.
  • You strengthen your body and can work more ergonomically correct throughout your workday.
  • You get a lovely feeling of taking care of yourself, releasing the hormones that make you feel good.

Linda: “A fantastic app that reminds you to take breaks throughout your workday. Gives you wonderful exercises to boost your energy, increase mobility and relaxes you. 5 minutes a day gives you well-being at work. Make sure your workplace gets the app.”

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