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Do you wish to become more focused and maintain your energy throughout the day? The app offers a wide range of options. Reminders, a calendar for your achievements and videos with 1 minute exercises that increase your pulse, metabolism, and circulation.

Through moving, a little but often throughout the day, you gain a sustainable body and a calmer mind. Wellify is a smart tool to break your movement pattern to boost your wellbeing. Get your workplace or yourself to take an active decision in creating new habits.

Use your wellness allowance for online training

Get a year subscription, more priceworthy than a monthly subscription. Use this chance to utilize your wellness allowance. 
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Suits office training both at home and at work

The app contains Wellies that are max one minute long. The recommended number of Wellies to complete are 5 a day, giving you a break from work long enough to allow your brain to rest. The effect of this is improved focus and a happier and less stressed mentality.

All of our exercises are ergonomic, and quality assured by physiotherapists and are demonstrated in videos with instructions by professional instructors.


The secret with Wellify

With individually tailored micro-training programs, you have the option to choose what you want. Do you want to destress, gain energy, improve your back health, improve your posture, increase mobility? You choose!

Julia- “Wellify makes you concentrate better, avoid dips throughout the day, contributed to a sense of community and most of all mobility. Thanks to the app, we have been reminded to stand up and move, as well as in stressed situations to be able to relax and destress. STRONG YES to continuing using the app.”

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