Our app gives varied training. You can choose everything from raising your pulse and increasing strength to relaxing in a stretching Welli in your chair. Choose freely or follow one of our programs, for instance Better Posture and Increased Metabolism. You can even create your own program with your favourite exercises or let chance decide. Our Wellies are a minute long, but we have longer program’s available as well.

Health at business hours

Wellify can contribute to an improved work environment and ergonomics. Employees maintain energy and focus throughout the day through micro-workouts breaks. There is a low threshold for getting started and an easy way for HR to start it up. We take care of admin and delivery.

Wellness allowance

Use your benefits for health to an workout that gets rid. You can buy Wellify at Benify, Wellnet, Epassi and Actiway. If you don´t belong to a Wellness benefit portal you can use your regular benefit for wellness or tell your work place about Wellify as a fun wellness activity.


We are a wellness company seated in Varberg, Sweden, having started our journey in 2018. Our goal was to create a tool that gives you a reminder when it´s time to micro-workouts. We prefer the word “micro-workouts” because it´s about doing short exercises which have a great effect on both body and mind.

Health activity

Our app is used by companies of all sizes. We are also on different wellness platforms, such as Benify, Actiway, Wellnet and Epassi. Wellify is also available on the international market.

improved working environment

Our vision is to help improve overall workplace health where the co-workers experience wellbeing at work and in their free time. It is a big vision, but we believe that our app can benefit everybody due to the small threshold needed to achieve great results. Wellness activities are for everybody, not just those who enjoy going to the gym.

Micro-workouts in school

We are supporters of ”Generation Pep”. We offer every school in Sweden our app as a tool for teachers to use during the lessons. Our aim is that children and youth create their own culture of micro training.

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